1/2 Schreiben – Ein Bestandsaufnahme: Rückblick

Einer meiner Vorsätze bereits für das Jahr 2016 war es, dem Schreiben wieder mehr Raum in meinem Leben zu geben. Diesen Vorsatz konnte ich unverändert ins Jahr 2017 übernehmen, das ja nun auch schon bald wieder “Halbzeit” hat. Zeit für eine Bestandsaufnahme.

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New Audio Horror Review at SFF Audio


Just in case you’re thinking this blog has turned all to photography I wanted to let you know that there’s a little review by me over at SFFAudio. Jesse was so nice as to supply me with free review copies of the new Hammer Chillers audio dramas. Since then I have also listened to the first three and I must say I also liked them. Particularly “The Box” is highly recommended.

Some Lovecraft audio drama reviews on SFF Audio

One of the good things about writing about your hobbies is that occassionally you get some nice stuff for free – so that you can write about them.

Quite some time ago I got the awesome CD versions of the audio dramas that are produced by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. You should totally check out the series (Dark Adventure Audio Drama). They are well produced, great adaptations and don’t lack a certain humour as well. There are MP3 downloads available.

But I won’t go into any details because you can find the first two reviews up on SFF Audio.

The first one is about The Dunwhich Horror, the second about The Shadow out of Time.

I know, I have said it many time before but if you are into science fiction, or fantasy (or crime and mystery) audio books and drama you should totally check out  SFFAudio.


Self-adulation is not exactly a positive character trait, however, I have to say that I am rather chuffed by the fact that WORMWOOD (one of the best free mystery audiodrama podcasts around) have chosen to use some fan art by yours truly as the cover of episode 22 A farewell to (f)arms. Thanks, David!

A farewell to (f)arms

Cover of Wormwood episode 22: A farewell to (f)arms

How I made this picture? Well, that’s an entirely different story for another time. Suffice it to say that there is far less digital image tweaking in there than it seems.

Losing podcast virginity…

I’ve just spent a bit more than an hour talking to the folks from SFF Audio about audio books and audio dramas, computer games, books and TV series. If you wanna listen to me not knowing of what I am talking about for at least half the time, you can listen to it online or subscribe to SFF Audio podcast. The episode should be available some time tomorrow EDIT: Is available now. Of course I forgot half the stuff that I wanted to talk about and only remembered it after we finished recording. Maybe another time then…
Anyway, it was good fun, so thanks to Jesse and Scott for having me on the show.

HPLHS: At the Mountains of Madness

My few postings about audio dramas are – according to the WordPress stat tool – among the most popular of this blog, so maybe you guys will find this interesting. There is a review of the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society’s audio drama production of At the Mountains of Madness up at SFFAudio. Continue reading

New Audio Drama by H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society is known for producing high-quality props for Live Action Roleplaying Games in a Lovecraftian setting. They have also produced a movie and an audio drama – At the Mountains of Madness – in the tradition of Old Time Radio shows. (I will have to say something about the latter at another place soon).

The Dunwich Horror as audio drama

Yesterday saw the official release of The Dunwich Horror, another story by the grandmaster himself. It is available on CD (with a couple of props) or as MP3 download (Payments via Paypal accepted).

The Dunwich Horror as audio drama

Once I got a chance to listen to it, I will let you know more.

There is also a really old time radio version of this available, an episode of the famous CBS “Suspense” show from the 1940’s. You can download it (perfectly legal) from the Internet Archive.