Story: An Encounter with British Class Culture

The following stroy was originally written in June 2008, at a time during which I should have been doing much more important things than writing blogs. It proves the power of procrastination. If you want to get things done find something more important to do first.

It also shows the impact of timeliness on the relevance of a story. I wanted to tell some anecdotes about life in the UK from a foreigner’s perspective. Quickly, some stories formed in my head,  notes were made, drafts were written. Of course, once the ‘Other More Important Project’ was successfully completed  these stories never got finished and my blog slipped gradually into a hiatus.

Much has changed since then, most notably that I don’t even live in the UK anymore. Also, I have reached a point where I can think about getting back into blogging. So, why not start with something that is already half-formed to ease me back into it?

Thus, without further ado, please find below a little story about my first “real” encounter with British class culture.

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Venn you hef ozzer car… ,or, How (not) to be a car thief

My friend M. is a weirdness magnet. When some strange shit happens, it will happen to him. Fair enough, sometimes he is actively involved in bringing the weirdness about, like when he… no, that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, some years ago I had the pleasure of being involved in one of those episodes of weirdness, and apart from having a nice story to tell it also taught me a valuble lesson: How (not) to be a car thief. (You can skip to the relevant advice right at the end of this post if you want to. You will miss a true and funny story, though.) Continue reading