Client, DAF and record labels

Recently, I went to see the lovely, gorgeous and amazing ladies from CLIENT supporting DAF (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft) in the O2 Academy Islington.



I had seen Client several times before – mostly in Germany, though, where they are more popular than in the UK (1). Sarah Blackwood (aka the lovely ‘Client B’) had started to substitute some of the lyrics with their German translations. However, last November when supporting Anne Clarke in the Underworld in Camden  I heard her sing “gib mir mehr, mehr, mehr” instead of “give me more, more, more” as the chorus for Pills for the first time in London – much to the delight of the not-so-small German crowd in the audience. (Actually, my mate and I reckoned that about a 1/3 of the audience must have been German.) The same thing happened on the 28th of  March… and when DAF had finished their set you could actually hear the audience shouting “ZUGABE!” instead of “encore!” or whatever English fans might be shouting in situations like these.

Well, all that might only be a slightly amusing anecdote and not overly surprising. London is an international city and nowadays it is not so unusual  to combine a gig with a weekend stay in London thanks to budget airlines. What became apparent, however,  is the absurdity of the record label system in our time and age.

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