Schreiben – die Lust

Ich bin Taos Toolbox Terran Award Finalist.

War mein letzter Beitrag noch eher trübselig, so ist es jetzt an der Zeit die Sektkorken knallen zu lassen. Ich reise nach New Mexico! Zum Schreiben!
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Fundstücke: Das (fast) verschollene Andreas Eschbach Interview


Beim Sichten alter Photos und Negative fiel mir kürzlich dieses Bild wieder in die Hände. Es zeigt Andreas Eschbach beim Signieren von Büchern nach einer Lesung in der Buchhandlung Welsch in Homburg (Saar) im Oktober des Jahres 2001. Kein überragendes Photo und wenn mich meine Erinnerung nicht trübt, wurde es auch nie für seinen ursprünglich angedachten Zweck verwendet, nämlich zur Illustration eines Artikels in der NAUTILUS.

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2/2 Schreiben – Eine Bestandsaufnahme: Einblick und Ausblick

Da ich mich seit einigen Monaten wieder verstärkt dem Schreiben widme, habe ich gestern mit einer kleinen Bestandsaufnahme meiner kreativen Tätigkeiten in den letzten beiden Jahren begonnen. Zugegeben, das Ergebnis war nicht so umfangreich wie ich es gerne gehabt hätte, aber ein Trend ist abzusehen. Es kommt wieder ein wenig Bewegung in mein “zweites Lebens”, neben Alltag und Broterwerb. Daher möchte ich nun mit einem kleinen Einblick in meine augenblickliche Situation und einem Ausblick auf die Zukunft fortfahren.

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1/2 Schreiben – Ein Bestandsaufnahme: Rückblick

Einer meiner Vorsätze bereits für das Jahr 2016 war es, dem Schreiben wieder mehr Raum in meinem Leben zu geben. Diesen Vorsatz konnte ich unverändert ins Jahr 2017 übernehmen, das ja nun auch schon bald wieder “Halbzeit” hat. Zeit für eine Bestandsaufnahme.

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Support “Everyone: Worlds without Walls” on Kickstarter


Cover art by Christian Ward; All rights belong to the artist!

Tony C. Smith of the incredibly good District of Wonders network of podcasts, including Starship Sofa (Science Fiction), Tales to Terrify (Horror), and Far Fetched Fables (Fantasy), was annoyed and outraged about the most recent drop into the bucket of right-wing backlash against democracy, inclusiveness, and liberty, namely Donald Trump’s “Muslim Ban”.

He vented his frustration in a good rant on one of the shows and promised to do something. Something that Science Fiction fans are best at: to use stories to tear down the walls in our heads. Tony is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund an anthology of Science Fiction stories by authors from a range of ethnic and national backgrounds: “Everyone: Worlds without Walls.” Considering how good the Starship Sofa Podcast is, I have high hopes for this anthology to not only be the right thing to do from an ethical perspective but also the right thing to support if you like to read good-quality speculative fiction.

There was a time when I used to think that Science Fiction fans were generally more open-minded and inclusive than the average public. How can you be fascinated by the Prime Directive when you’re fucking bigot? How can you believe in humanity’s future in space when you can’t even see how we should overcome petty nationalistic tendencies on Earth? I know that the truth is different. I have experienced utter indifference from SF fans against the frankly terrifying “war against science” by populists like Trump, and the AfD in Germany. I have heard that politics should not invade the hobby. Another time I might have agreed. But not this time. This is the time to take a stance.

Tony’s initiative is small. It won’t sway public opinion, it won’t make Trump lift the travel ban, it won’t bring the UK back into the European family.
But it can introduce every reader to a different perspective, a different voice, and a little more understanding. Understanding, we can only hope, that is contagious. These days, we need even those little initiatives.


I do not know Tony C. Smith personally. I have nothing to gain from the anthology (apart from the enjoyment of reading it). I do not know any contributor personally. But I DO think it’s fantastic idea and I have supported it. And I think, so should you!

How to tell you’re getting old 2

I have been a gamer most of my life. I count myself lucky to still have a group of friends whom I meet regularly to play pen-and-paper role-playing games with. Most of these people I’ve known longer (much longer) than a decade and we jokingly refer to ourselves as ‘The Old Farts’ with the exception of “Youngster” who is barely in his mid-twenties.

Recently, we decided to switch to a new game system. We’re using the most recent edition, but our game master had a copy of the very first edition which he passed around during one of our evening meetings, and we were leafing through the pages reminiscing about the “good old times”. I looked at the publication date and remembered where and when I first played that game: 1991, in Weymouth, in the United Kingdom. I said: “Wow, guys, I just realised that the first time I played this game was 25 years ago.” The youngster gave me a funny look, and I realised that he had just realised that that was around the time he was born!

Talk about surrounding yourself with young people to feel young yourself.



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