The Secret Project is dead! Long live the secret project!

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Nachdem sich mein Blog thematisch in den letzten Monaten hauptsächlich mit der Photographie beschäftigt hat, ist es nun an der Zeit wieder mal ein Update  zu meinen schreiberischen Aktivitäten zu bringen. Im letzten Jahr habe ich zwei Projekte, spaßeshalber als Secret Project #1 und Secret Project #2 tituliert, angekündigt.
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Back from Aachen

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Zurück aus Aachen

Es war ein intensives Wochenende. Anstrengend aber produktiv und ganz viel Spaß gemacht hat es auch. Zwecks Vorbereitung von Aachen Horror, fuhr ich am Donnerstagabend nach Aachen, um dort an einem Workshop teilzunehmen und mir die Stadt etwas näher anzusehen. Continue reading

Game Immersion in the Real World

Gero has some thoughts on the factor of immersion in games that are set in the real world on his blog. I can totally relate to some of those concerns. I remember being at a role-playing game convention in, blimey, that must have been 1992 or 1993 or so in Saarbrücken (SOX-Con). Someone organized a spontaneous free form LARP in front of the convention building before it opened on the second day… Whilst there was a bus full of pensioners going on some day trip waiting right next to us. I am still feeling a little embarrassed thinking about their stares.

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Aachen Horror: Tools1 – Scrivener


Ist Scrivener den Aufwand wert?

Im Zuge meiner neuen Projekte will ich auch neue Methoden und Werkzeuge ausprobieren. Eines davon ist eine Software zum Schreiben größerer Projekte, für die eine Textverarbeitung ungeeignet ist.

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Writing Serendipity


I had forgotten what it was like. All of a sudden, things fall into place. You listen to a song, and some text in front of you quotes the lyrics which guide you the next book you wanted to read anyway which happens to have (previously unbeknownst to you) a topic very close to the one you are working on.
Dangerous – you must stop somewhere lest you be carried on and on and on but for as long as it lasts the serendipytrip is a great one.

Secret Project #1: Not a secret anymore

I think it is time to lift the curtain on the first of the two “secret” projects:

I am working with RWTH Aachen, one of Germany’s foremost universities with a technology focus on a location based game with the working title “Aachen Horror”.

My direct point-of-contact there is Gero Herkenrath who is also blogging about the project – which ia quite handy for me because I don’t have to provide the overview here but can simply refer you to his blog: Gero’s Blog

The project is especially fun as it combines several aspects of my life, i.e. professionally as well as my personal interests in technology, writing, role-playing and gaming.

I am excited to work with a new medium and to try out new things. That is also the case for the process itself.  I am part of a distributed team and this is the first time that I am trying to use a few tools for collaborative work that I have not previously had any opportunity to try in anger. Thus I am expecting to learn not only about the genre, the writing, and the game, but also about the collaboration process..

All in all I am super excited and looking forward to how it is going to develop.