How to tell you’re getting old 2

I have been a gamer most of my life. I count myself lucky to still have a group of friends whom I meet regularly to play pen-and-paper role-playing games with. Most of these people I’ve known longer (much longer) than a decade and we jokingly refer to ourselves as ‘The Old Farts’ with the exception of “Youngster” who is barely in his mid-twenties.

Recently, we decided to switch to a new game system. We’re using the most recent edition, but our game master had a copy of the very first edition which he passed around during one of our evening meetings, and we were leafing through the pages reminiscing about the “good old times”. I looked at the publication date and remembered where and when I first played that game: 1991, in Weymouth, in the United Kingdom. I said: “Wow, guys, I just realised that the first time I played this game was 25 years ago.” The youngster gave me a funny look, and I realised that he had just realised that that was around the time he was born!

Talk about surrounding yourself with young people to feel young yourself.



At the Gaming Table



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