Share your Photographic Knowledge to get a roll of CineStill 120 film!

As some of you already know, the Brothers Wright, makers of the CineStill film –  a fantastic cinefilm material by Kodak that they have made available for still photographers – are currently looking for support to offer their film in medium format as well. I have already backed their Kickstarter campaign and now I want to give you the opportunity to do the same even if you don’t have the funds to do so. How? By sharing your knowledge! Find out more after the jump

EDIT: After some changes to the Kickstarter offer I have changed the rules for this competition. Most importantly, it is now open for international contributions not only those from the US!

I have pledged 135 USD, so I will get 10 rolls of film if the Kickstarter campaign is successful. I will give away one of those rolls – potentially to you! See below for what you need to do to get it.

1. Share a piece of knowledge about photography: It doesn’t have to be film specific, but it should not be digital only, so please no tips on proper white balance etc. You should  sum it up in about 200 words and post it in the comments section of this post. You can include links, of course, but don’t just link to another person’s article on the web. It can be everything – think of fun techniques you tried,or, good advice that helped you to become a better photographer.

2. You need to share your piece of knowledge until the Kickstarter campaign runs out, i.e.  Tuesday, Nov 4 2014 9:00 AM CEST

3. Please write in English language to make this useful to the largest possible audience. No worries, you will not be judged by your grammar, punctuation or style. Just make it understandable.

4. Among all entries I will choose one that I like best. It will be a purely subjective choice of course. There will be no jury, only me.

5. The winner needs to provide a delivery address and I will send it you. I will use the cheapest sensible delivery option. As it is only one roll of film it will most likely be a letter. Of course, I have to wait until I get my Kickstarter rewards, which will probably be in march 2015. So, you’ll need a little patience.

6. If the Kickstarter campaign is not successful, you will get no film. That’s a no-brainer, right?

7. I am not affiliated to the Brothers Wright or anybody else involved in the campaign. I do not get anything from this, I do not earn any money with this blog. I am doing this because I love film and want to support it.

8. For any other questions regarding the CineStill 120 project please refer to the Kickstarter page.

Go for it – and please try and back the Kickstarter campaign if you can. Share this on Twitter, Facebook, or your blog!


3 thoughts on “Share your Photographic Knowledge to get a roll of CineStill 120 film!

  1. Free Polarizer Filter

    Here is my idea: do you want a cheap and effective polarizing filter for your lomographic camera? Simply take those 3D polarized glasses made of cardboard given in some 3D cinemas (not the coloured ones!) or in some amusement parks and use one of the “lenses” simply by cutting it out. (I think you can also find them for cheap on the web.) Look through it to find the best position, hold it in front of the lens and shoot! If you prefer you can cut it and stick it in front of the lens (or inside of the camera) to have a fixed filter. Wonderful and saturated colours fast and for free!! Try it with a wide angle point and shoot, you will be amused!

  2. Hey Lorenzo and Epin! Thanks for making a start, good stuff! 🙂
    Keep them coming, guys!

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