Shoulder Monster for Halloween

A little something for Halloween. This “shoulder monster” used to be a prop for the German Goth-Rock Band “The House of Usher” whose lead singer Jörg Kleudgen has been a friend for many years. Some time ago he decided to unclutter his house so that the little shoulder monster found a new home with me.
The image was done in the so-called wet plate collodion method, a photographic method that is 150 years old. No digital  alterations were done to this photo. If it looks like those glas plate photo from the American Civil War era it is because it has been created in exactly the same way as during the American Civil War Era! Who needs Photoshop anyway?

I was not amused when I learnt about my shoulder monster’s digestive problems!


2 thoughts on “Shoulder Monster for Halloween

  1. – Photoshop or, indeed, HipstaMatic (which I’ve always understood as a covering-up method for mobile phptos by the photographically challenged). (But perhaps I shouldn’t shout quite as loud, considering myself one of the photogaphically challenged as i do…)

  2. Oh well, who am I to judge? I am a photo amateur and would not consider myself to be an expert of any kind although I take joy in the fact that year by year, month by month I seem to understand a little more and seem to get better.
    I don’t judge anyone who is good at Photoshop and wants to use it. I don’t have to like the results of course. It is a tool like any other. Used badly it just produces overly smooth and “nice” pictures (“nice” being the little brother of “shit”). I wish more people would spend the time to really learn how to use it, and, even more importantly when NOT to use it. When the only tool you have is a hammer… and all that.
    Anyhow, great to see you found your way round to my “other” online home! 🙂

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