Some Lovecraft audio drama reviews on SFF Audio

One of the good things about writing about your hobbies is that occassionally you get some nice stuff for free – so that you can write about them.

Quite some time ago I got the awesome CD versions of the audio dramas that are produced by the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. You should totally check out the series (Dark Adventure Audio Drama). They are well produced, great adaptations and don’t lack a certain humour as well. There are MP3 downloads available.

But I won’t go into any details because you can find the first two reviews up on SFF Audio.

The first one is about The Dunwhich Horror, the second about The Shadow out of Time.

I know, I have said it many time before but if you are into science fiction, or fantasy (or crime and mystery) audio books and drama you should totally check out  SFFAudio.


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