Game Immersion in the Real World

Gero has some thoughts on the factor of immersion in games that are set in the real world on his blog. I can totally relate to some of those concerns. I remember being at a role-playing game convention in, blimey, that must have been 1992 or 1993 or so in Saarbrücken (SOX-Con). Someone organized a spontaneous free form LARP in front of the convention building before it opened on the second day… Whilst there was a bus full of pensioners going on some day trip waiting right next to us. I am still feeling a little embarrassed thinking about their stares.

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Aachen Horror: Tools1 – Scrivener


Ist Scrivener den Aufwand wert?

Im Zuge meiner neuen Projekte will ich auch neue Methoden und Werkzeuge ausprobieren. Eines davon ist eine Software zum Schreiben größerer Projekte, für die eine Textverarbeitung ungeeignet ist.

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New Photos Online

Analogue photography is one of my other hobbies – when I am not geeing out that is. I won’t call myself a “photographer”. I am way too bad making proper photos. But I like cameras and I like to use them. You can find some examples of my photos on

This one I made some months ago with one of my favorite cameras – an old Leica III. It’s an unbelievably gorgeous piece of art and engineering… The medium is cheap slide film from a German drug store (white labelled Kodak) that was cross-processed.

Writing Serendipity


I had forgotten what it was like. All of a sudden, things fall into place. You listen to a song, and some text in front of you quotes the lyrics which guide you the next book you wanted to read anyway which happens to have (previously unbeknownst to you) a topic very close to the one you are working on.
Dangerous – you must stop somewhere lest you be carried on and on and on but for as long as it lasts the serendipytrip is a great one.

100 Ausgaben NAUTILUS Abenteuer und Phantastik

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Science Fiction Fundstück: Hugo Gernsback, der Erfinder

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Hugo Gernsback als Pionier der Accessibility

Hugo Gernsback

Hugo Gernsback und sein “Physiophon”

Den meisten Leserinnen und Lesern dieses Blogs wird Hugo Gernsback ein Begriff sein. Nicht jeder wird aber mit Gernsbacks Leistungen als Erfinder vertraut sein und wissen, dass einige seiner Erfindungen zum Ziel hatten, körperliche Behinderungen zu mildern. Das macht ihn nicht nur zum Vater der Science Fiction sondern auch zu einem der Pioniere der Accessibility-Technologie.