Secret Project #1: Update

I just spent an hour working on the first draft of the outline story for Secret Project #1. It is not perfect, it is not polished, in fact it has holes big enough for an elephant to jump through. But it’s a start. And it feels good.
I think I have not spent that much time working on a new story in… I have no idea how long.
There will be much more work. For this project the way how the story is told is going to be much more interesting and challenging than the what. The medium cannot only be the message but also the story.
However, without knowing what you want to tell, the how is pretty much irrelevant. It might not be terrible original, or complex, or artistic. But I know have rough idea what the story is going to be like and that has probably been the most critical thing for this project.

I’ll keep you posted.


Story: An Encounter with British Class Culture

The following stroy was originally written in June 2008, at a time during which I should have been doing much more important things than writing blogs. It proves the power of procrastination. If you want to get things done find something more important to do first.

It also shows the impact of timeliness on the relevance of a story. I wanted to tell some anecdotes about life in the UK from a foreigner’s perspective. Quickly, some stories formed in my head,  notes were made, drafts were written. Of course, once the ‘Other More Important Project’ was successfully completed  these stories never got finished and my blog slipped gradually into a hiatus.

Much has changed since then, most notably that I don’t even live in the UK anymore. Also, I have reached a point where I can think about getting back into blogging. So, why not start with something that is already half-formed to ease me back into it?

Thus, without further ado, please find below a little story about my first “real” encounter with British class culture.

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I am writing again – Ich schreibe wieder

Deutsche Version weiter unten

This is not the big update I promised. Unfortunately I did not quite have as much time as I would have liked to get back to writing for and looking after this blog.

But big update or not – I am really excited right now, since I’ve got some really good news.
1. I am indeed writing again!
But not only am I just writing again, but…
2. I have *two* different projects agreed and commissioned.
3. I am not supposed to really talk about either of them but I am actually under a proper NDA for one of them. Feels like show-biz proper l(o)ike, ey? 😉

What I can say though is that both projects have something to do with gaming. I think that I will be able to say more and keep you up-to-date about their progress in some time.

Okay, das ist jetzt nicht ganz das groß angekündigte Update, das ich versprochen habe. Leider hatte ich doch nicht die Zeit die ich mir gewünscht hätte, um mich um dieses Blog zu kümmern und dafür zu schreiben.

Großes Update oder nicht – ich bin gerade ganz schön aufgeregt, denn ich habe gute Nachrichten.
1. Ich schreibe wieder!
Aber nicht nur, dass ich mal wieder schreibe, sondern…
2. Ich habe gleich *zwei* Projekte am Laufen, die in Auftrag gegeben wurden.
3. Ich darf streng genommen über beide noch nicht reden, aber bei einem stehe ich tatsächlich unter einer richtig echten Verschwiegenheitserklärung. Das fühlt sich ja richtig nach echtem Show Business an. 😉

Was ich aber zu beiden Projekten sag kann ist, dass beide im weitesten Sinne etwas mit Spielen zu tun haben. Ich denke, dass ich im Laufe der Zeit sicher mehr dazu sagen kann und Euch über den Fortgang auf dem Laufenden halten kann.