Self-adulation is not exactly a positive character trait, however, I have to say that I am rather chuffed by the fact that WORMWOOD (one of the best free mystery audiodrama podcasts around) have chosen to use some fan art by yours truly as the cover of episode 22 A farewell to (f)arms. Thanks, David!

A farewell to (f)arms

Cover of Wormwood episode 22: A farewell to (f)arms

How I made this picture? Well, that’s an entirely different story for another time. Suffice it to say that there is far less digital image tweaking in there than it seems.


3 thoughts on “Ego-inflationism

  1. Carsten: It’s a great piece and wish we didn’t have to cover it up with the requisite Wormwood “information.” If I remember, I’ll put up a link to to the original piece and add it to the post.

    This was one of my favorite fan pieces to come in, so I was happy to use it for episode 22, which is basically our season finale (with one very unusual episode still to come).

  2. Also: drop me an email when you get a chance — I really love some of the pieces in your Flickr album on the side — wondering if maybe you could make a piece for me for a Xander Crowe novel I’m working on…

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