Terry Pratchett on the stage

Last night I went to see”Wyrd Sisters – The Director’s Cut” a stage version of the well known Terry Pratchett novel. As I found out in late 2007 south Oxfordshire, or Abingdon more precisely is the place to be when you are into Terry Pratchett stage adaptations.

Stephen Briggs, Terry Pratchett collaborator, Ankh-Morpork coat-of-arms designer and narrator of the Terry Pratchett audiobooks (the unabridged versions, that is) also holds the exclusive rights to dramatise Sir Terry’s books for the stage.

I found out in late 2007 when I saw a poster for the stage production of “Making Money” in the town centre of Abingdon. The play was due in two weeks time and naively I sent an email enquiring whether there might be any tickets left. Little did I know then that these productions by the Studio Theatre Club have achieved some form of cult status in the area and among Pratchett Fans so that getting tickets is not exactly easy. However, I kept an eye on their website and last year I was lucky enough to get a ticket – at the beginning of October for a performance in January!

Yesterday was the great day and so off I went to Abingdon. The Unicorn Theatre is a faux Elizabethan theatre in one of the few remaining buildings of the medieval abbey. A very nice location, but those bare stone walls did a rather poor job of keeping the cold of a January night out… Thank goodness for the mulled wine!

The performance itself was brilliant! Amdram, of course, but good amdram. The play was tremendously funny and staged with an eye for detail. The actors were good and I dare say they enjoyed it as much as the audience.  A thoroughly enjoyable experience and I will keep my eyes open for the next performance!

If you are interested in staging on of those play that are available with amateur drama society you should get in touch with Stephen Briggs via his website. There is a licence fee but all money goes to a charity to protect the librarian of the Unseen University orangutans (Ook!). There is also some funny Discworld merchandise available, most of which at reasonable prices methinks.

EDIT: You can find a longer review here: http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/2716970/38788848

Find some pictures below. There is a no photos rule during the performances, which I can totally understand and to which I adhered to not spoil mine and the audiences enjoyment of the evening. Hence, there are no pictures of the play in action.


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