Self-adulation is not exactly a positive character trait, however, I have to say that I am rather chuffed by the fact that WORMWOOD (one of the best free mystery audiodrama podcasts around) have chosen to use some fan art by yours truly as the cover of episode 22 A farewell to (f)arms. Thanks, David!

A farewell to (f)arms

Cover of Wormwood episode 22: A farewell to (f)arms

How I made this picture? Well, that’s an entirely different story for another time. Suffice it to say that there is far less digital image tweaking in there than it seems.


Internet coincidence

One of the links pointing towards my recent post about Terry Pratchett on the stage was from a Pratchett/Discworld message board, more precisely from an admin, called “Anna”. According to her profile information Anna is based in Arizona, USA, but her avatar is nothing less than an image of the Uffington White Horse a prehistoric hill figure (presumably the oldest in the UK) which is also the logo of the local government district of the Vale of the White Horse, the main town of which is Abingdon where the play was staged. Does this have a any relevance? No, but I still think it is kinda funny.

Terry Pratchett on the stage

Last night I went to see”Wyrd Sisters – The Director’s Cut” a stage version of the well known Terry Pratchett novel. As I found out in late 2007 south Oxfordshire, or Abingdon more precisely is the place to be when you are into Terry Pratchett stage adaptations.

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Venn you hef ozzer car… ,or, How (not) to be a car thief

My friend M. is a weirdness magnet. When some strange shit happens, it will happen to him. Fair enough, sometimes he is actively involved in bringing the weirdness about, like when he… no, that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, some years ago I had the pleasure of being involved in one of those episodes of weirdness, and apart from having a nice story to tell it also taught me a valuble lesson: How (not) to be a car thief. (You can skip to the relevant advice right at the end of this post if you want to. You will miss a true and funny story, though.) Continue reading

Losing podcast virginity…

I’ve just spent a bit more than an hour talking to the folks from SFF Audio about audio books and audio dramas, computer games, books and TV series. If you wanna listen to me not knowing of what I am talking about for at least half the time, you can listen to it online or subscribe to SFF Audio podcast. The episode should be available some time tomorrow EDIT: Is available now. Of course I forgot half the stuff that I wanted to talk about and only remembered it after we finished recording. Maybe another time then…
Anyway, it was good fun, so thanks to Jesse and Scott for having me on the show.