Unity vs. Community

Had this in my inbox the other day, via the RGParaliteraria mailinglist created by Bruce Sterling and Robert de Sousa Causo.  The project “Uttuku” itself was founded by Robert N Stephenson.

Not entirely sure what to think about it myself, at least it sounds like an interesting concept and the cause is laudable. But read for yourself.

Hi guys, as many of you might know I have been in the writing game for a
long time, and I have seen some pretty sad stuff. But this week I
embarked on something I hope will bring some lightness, and dare I say
it unity (not community – different concept) to people around the world.
It is simply the acceptance that we are each different and unique. I
started the Uttuku, something about this can be found at

www.uttuku.ning.com – still early days yet, but I have planned a year
long spreading of the word Uttuku. There is even a new fun writers site
started up under the name www.ausodomy.ning.com by Uttuku451

What is happening and I hope will happen is that whenever some one has
to register a screen name, or logon ID they use the word Uttuku and
assign it their favourite number, much like Uttuku451 has and Uttuku01
and 231.

By promoting this sense of unity and acceptance of being different it is
hoped that whenever you see the Uttuku login in, or even see anyone
wearing the Uttuku symbol that you will just go up to them and say hi,
I’m an Uttuku too.

Of course this is a mighty grand plan, science fiction thinking
actually, and it in all probablity might not even work. The world has
become very insular of late, so much so we are digressing back to
cultural identities and no longer accepting open cultural or even
literature exchanges.

If this project works, then great. A little bit of social unity around a
common symbol (not thought, creed or belief) will go a long way to
helping us accept each other for who we are.

That’s the idea anyway.

Thanks for hearing my little rant. I have a year of working this
through, and I am going to need quite a rest come next Christmas.

All the best

Robert N Stephenson

[Used with permission by the author]

One tiny little thing that comes to mind. If this really were to grow, just assigning numbers is probably not the best way forward. Think of Uttuku 1254689… 😉


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