Maschinenfest 2k8

I so wanna go to the Maschinenfest 2008, the world’s finest festival for Industrial Music.

[Hint for my American readers: Industrial in Europe is *not* the Marilyn-Manson-kind of industrial rock but mostly purely electronic , and better… 😉 ]

First Church of Industrial

First Church of Industrial

I’ve been to the first three Maschinenfests when they were still in Aachen, down in a bunker. (Have a look at the historic line-ups and shudder in awe!) Happy memories. The first time I forgot to bring any ear plugs (big mistake, for a whimp like me). The second time I experienced Synapscape being as loud with ear plugs as any other band I’ve ever seen live without. (At least it felt like that to me at the time…) 300 to 700 people down in a bunker and no security staff whatsoever. Why? Because you don’t need any. Bottle of water for 1 Mark, pint of beer for 1.50. Have a look at some Maschinenfest photos on Stefan “Ant-Zen mastermind” Alt’s Flickr sets if you’re interested.

The whole industrial scene around labels Ant-Zen and Hands (after all these years they still haven’t got a proper web site) is still friendly, refreshingly non-commercial, and with a “we won’t rip-off our fans” attitude.

This year marks the festival’s tenth anniversary, so it would be a good opportunity to go again. The line-up’s looking good, and hopefully it’d be as good a party as the early Maschinenfests were. Alas, I have a hunch that I won’t be able to make it. *sigh* That really annoys me right now…


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