Thomas M. Disch is dead

Thomas M. Disch committed suicide.

I heard about it just today, although he already died on the 4th of July. Well, this ain’t a news site, there are many others that are much better at that kind of thing.

Still… another of the great old men of Science Fiction is dead. That is SF not sci-fi, i.e. serious speculative fiction. <arrogance mode off>

Why do I blog about this? Because it reminds me of the the only Disch book that I got, which is probably the most well-travelled book in my collection. Years ago, I got a battered German Heyne pocket book edition of Camp Concentration from a pen pal in Brazil (SF author Roberto de Sousa Causo). How the German translation of a US science fiction novel ended up in Brazil only to be sent back to Germany years (decades, actually) after its publication will forever remain a mystery. And yes, that was before email was ubiquitous and available to everybody – we were actually writing letters…


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