Warlord Titan in Oxford

Sorry, my dear anonymous visitor but thanks to Google cache you were looking for something that wasn’t there. I’m talking about the Warlord Titan in the Games Workshop in Oxford

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Warlord Titan Model. Click for a larger image

I had posted that to test the functionality and deleted the post later on. However, I wanted to re-post it at a later time. So why not now?

Anyway, I am not into “the hobby” as Warhammer enthusiasts call their, well, hobby. But as a gamer I do know what it is and I do visit the Games Workshop store in Oxford occassionally, mainly to look for stuff for a friend of mine that is hard to get in Germany. In October (maybe November) 2007 I saw this gigantic “miniature” of a Warlord Titan. The model is true to scale. As you can see it was not finished then, but bloody hell – it’s flippin’ huge! A normal model would about reach its toe. I wonder how many points you’d need to field one of those.

And because GW are quite anal regarding IP here’s the official disclaimer:


This web site is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

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Gosh! That was almost longer than this post! Anyway, I have nothing to do with Games Workshop. Really. Honestly, I don’t. I just made the picture. Right?

Oh, but do visit Oxford’s GW store if you’re into that kind of thing and in the area. The people there are really nice and helpful.


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