Hello? Common sense, are you there?


Some people seem to be obsessed with the idea of arming themselves against all sorts of threats… even imaginary ones.

As divers, we all know what the effects of compressed gas are underwater. Our training teaches us that our lungs would burst from over-inflation if we held our breath and rose to the surface. This principle is key to the effectiveness of the WASP Injection System.

True, and as divers we should also know that most big underwater creatures are not really dangerous – at least when left alone. Of 100 shark attacks, only 1 happens to a diver. (The rest mostly being surfers looking like really yummy seals from below) Of those attacks against divers I’d say most happen because of carelessness and stupidity of the diver. Humans are not the natural prey of sharks. (Forget about the Great White One, because there are hardly any left not to a small degree thanks to a certain Spielberg film I’d wager.) Same is true for dolphins, which, yes, can be dangerous. Again, if any diver has not learned their lessons and thinks that just because of flippin’ “Flipper” these animals will not mind being annoyed they don’t deserve anything better than a good beating.

In case you don’t know: the most dangerous animals in the sea are the small and poisonous ones and if you think that a gas-injecting knife is your best defence against a sea wasp, then I think you should really get one. At least it’ll help the economy, you know.


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