Fish and Hips

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Contrary to popular belief, Britain’s national dish not always used to be battered cod with chips (that’s “fries” for our American readers). The truth, as you can see, is far more shocking…

It is believed that the misunderstanding of Fish ‘n’ Chips was first introduced by anthropologists who studied the Britons in the late 19th century. Whilst inquiring into the feeding habits of the indigenous people they came across this rather unsavoury practise…

“Pray, tell me good Sir what might this curious dish be that you and your fellow countrymen partake of with so much appetite?”

-“Fish ‘n’ hips.”

“Fish and… hips?”

-“Tha’s right, guv. Good, innit lads?”

(Aside to his assistant): “Surely, they mean fish and chips, an incredible Belgian invention that the Roman invaders must have brought with them to these isles.”

Nothing more was heard of the anthropologist apart from a peculiar note about man who was hardly recognisable as the intrepid explorer of British culture only a couple of years before. Stark raving mad, he died in an asylum, mumbling constantly “Cod and hips is people! It’s peeeeeeeeeeople!”

It is believed that the nowadays almost forgotten practise of serving fish with hips was responsible for the disappearance of many a visitor to England in the last centuries, and as you can see now this barbaric tradition has not yet completely died out.


One thought on “Fish and Hips

  1. On a more serious note:
    After many visits to England and now as resident of this country I must say that English cuisine is highly underrated.
    And as for the “national dish”: Of course, the English eat fish ‘n’ chips every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just as the Germans do with Sauerkraut and the French with frogs… 😉

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