Vom Sterben und der Macht der Symbole


Wir haben Angst vor dem Tod. Wir haben ihn aus unserer Sicht verbannt. Wir sterben in Krankenhäusern oder Altenheimen, umgeben von Maschinen, oft genug allein oder unter Fremden. Wer weiß denn schon noch, dass man einen Toten drei Tage im Haus lassen kann, damit Verwandte und Freunde sich verabschieden können?  Wer hält denn noch eine Totenwache? Wir überlassen die letzten Riten Bestattern, denn wir haben Angst davor, dass es irgendwie eklig sein könnte. Ich bin kein religiöser Mensch mehr, doch die Macht der Symbole ist mir bewusst. Das ist mir klar geworden.
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Photography and Geekery around Lake Geneva: Part 1 – Lausanne

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days around Lake Geneva. It was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions, i.e. film photography and my love for all things “phantastic” (art, literature, film). In the first installment of blogs about my trip to Switzerland I want to share some of my experience in Lausanne. Expect some tips for analog photographers. Also, you can win free entry to Lausanne’s awesome photography museum. Read on to find out more!

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Aachen Horror ist online

Es gab schon länger nichts mehr von mir zu hören, insbesondere um das Aachen Horror Projekt ist es wenig still geworden. Das Spiel ist soweit fertig und es existiert auch eine Website, auf der man sich zur Teilnahme anmelden kann. Bitte bedenkt jedoch, dass es sich dabei in erster Linie um ein Forschungsprojekt handelt, nicht jedoch um ein kommerzielles Produkt. Sehr wahrscheinlich wird es also nach der Dauer des Projekts eingemottet werden. Wie dem auch sei, mir hat die Arbeit daran viel Spaß gemacht und ich habe einiges dabei gelernt.

Hier geht es zur Aachen Horror Website: http://www.aachenhorror.de

Phot-O-Types in The Typewriter Revolution

Last year, I published a how-to article on how to make what I jokingly call Phot-O-Types, i.e. photos including text snippets that were created by typing on a film negative strip with a typewriter.

Shortly afterwards I was contacted by Richard Polt, who was then busy writing a book on the cultural phenomenon of the typewriter: why would anyone in our digitised world still want to use a mechanical typewriter? He asked me whether he could use some of my Pho-O-Types in the book. Of course, I agreed.

Recently, Richard contacted me with good news.  A publisher had been found, a cover designed and a publication date agreed upon. The Typewriter Revolution is set to be published in November 2015 by The Countryman Press publishing house:

The Typewriter Revolution: A Typist’s Companion for the 21st Century, by Richard Polt, introduces you to artists, poets, makers, teens, steampunks, musicians, and more creative people who love typewriters. It also provides advice on choosing, using, and maintaining a typewriter of your own.

You can pre-order it via Amazon or any other book dealer. Head over to Richard’s blog The Typewriter Revolution or his Facebook page to stay informed about the progress.

I, for one, am looking very much forward to our new ribbon-driven typing Overlords!

Share your Photographic Knowledge to get a roll of CineStill 120 film!

As some of you already know, the Brothers Wright, makers of the CineStill film –  a fantastic cinefilm material by Kodak that they have made available for still photographers – are currently looking for support to offer their film in medium format as well. I have already backed their Kickstarter campaign and now I want to give you the opportunity to do the same even if you don’t have the funds to do so. How? By sharing your knowledge! Find out more after the jump

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Banned Words


Amen to that!

Originally posted on The Figital Revolution:

Starting a list of words that should be banned from our photographic vocabulary. Here’s number one:


Adjective. Definition- a phase invented by advertisers, used to make people feel that the plastic, soul-less, hyper-real images they are making with their digital cameras are somehow connected to the rich heritage of real, film-based photographs.

If you want the look of film? Shoot film.

Viva la Revolution- Stephen

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